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If you have unused vacant property which can be leased to run a business or as commercial space then Wisteria is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Many small to medium businesses prefer to take property on the lease because it requires less capital investment compared to purchasing of property.

Our dedicated team at Wisteria specialise in commercial leasing by having spent several years in the industry. We work in a manner where the owner can earn maximum return on assets in form of a lease. Real Estate has three cardinal rules – Location, Location & Location.

Hence, this plays a vital role for commercial premises. Our strategy is to target those tenants whose requirements match the property available. To provide a quick systematic solution Wisteria maintains an exhaustive unique database of Lessees that no other mandate consultant possesses. Our excellent far-reaching network is designed for your needs and yields spectacular results.

Hence, we are the Go-To Brand for all your commercial space needs.

From generating leads to converting them into lessee, we take care of everything. To guarantee authenticity we perform background checks into the financial stability of the lessee to make sure that the owner is guaranteed a regular lease. We have dozens of years of experience in commercial leasing which has strengthened our knowledge base of the local market. As Commercial leasing agreements have a long lock-in period, we do exhaustive screening of Lessee so that developers don’t face any problem during the agreement period.

New age Small scale businesses and Start-Up entrepreneurs prefer co-working spaces for office purposes. Owner lease out a portion of the property for this purpose. Our optimum marketing strategies entails connecting with such entrepreneurs who can pay appropriate rent as per the layout and square footage. We understand in depth the requirements of occupiers to suggest the best commercial place suited for their business needs. Commercial establishments impacts business activities and vice versa. This is why our job description involves discussion and coordination of all components dealing with the Lessor and Lessee to avoid any kind of unpleasant situation between parties in the future.

Manufacturing units & large scale businesses require warehouses for storage purposes. Storage requirement has a direct relation with demand and the supply chain of business. We also work to get an idea of the business expansion plan to anticipate the future needs of the lessee so that leasing of the warehouse can be a long term commitment. Retailers always keep an eye on opportunities to open stores in areas that can bring fruitful results for the business. We have a cordial long-standing relationship with all leading retailers across Pune. Our team pitch property to Branch or Regional headquarters to lease out the property. Thereby ensuring that store owners get a fair price for the space.

We assist both Lessors & Lessees in completing the legal procedure. We provide end to end commercial leasing servicing. We work to protect the interest of landlords as well as tenants. Knowing the complexity of a commercial lease agreement, we are also associated with lease lawyers to get assistance in understanding all the legal aspects of the deal. We make sure that Lessors know how the property will be used. We state the exact expectations of the lessor about the property and make sure that it is spelt out in the lease agreement.


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