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Project Layout & Design – A first step towards the beginning of the output. Here, we provide consultation that what should be the ideal layout & design for the project. We propose an appropriate layout that gives a perfect visualisation of the project. Our team analyse the space to make the most effective use of land.

Product Type & Configuration – We assist that what should be the right product and combination with the right configuration. Suitable Building Elevation –Recommendation on the appearance of the building. We not only suggest ideal dimensions as per the target segment but also modern styles for the project. We ensure that a more real view of the project structure can be provided. Right Carpet for the Customer –We study and understand what should be the ideal carpet for your customers and hence the internal dimension of the apartment. Decision on usable area plays a vital role as it has a significant effect on buying & selling of property.

Apartment specification – We consult in finalizing the right internal specification that matches clients’ requirements. Internal specifications are connected with the comfort of customers which gives a boost in selling property. Our qualified team keep eyes wide open to the ever-changing expectations of customers. We assist in finalizing detailed instructions that what needs to be installed and built.

Marketing Campaigns – It’s a selection of right marketing campaigns which helps in connecting with customers. We assist in identifying the right ATL & BTL campaign and digital campaigns to generate awareness of your project & to reach a targeted segment of customers. The line of distinguishing amongst ATL, BTL & Digital campaigns is directly linked with the effectiveness of marketing cost. Therefore, we assist in evaluating the impact of all the marketing channels associated with mentioned marketing campaigns.

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