Why you should buy Ready to Move Homes ?

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Buying an own space, a home is everyone’s desire as it is not only a matter of happiness and gives a sense of belonging, but also requires a huge investment. Hence, there is a question at every level about which choice one should go for.

Amongst several questions, one usually arises whether a buyer should purchase an under-construction flat or a ready-to-move flat. However, both have their own pros and cons, but ready-to-move flats are the most preferable option buyers opt for. Let’s tell you why most potential buyers like to buy “Ready to Move” flats.

  • The biggest benefit of buying a ready-to-move flat is saving GST as it is not implemented on completed projects. It is applicable to those properties which are under construction. If a buyer opts for an under-construction flat, then he/she tends to pay extra charges on the outstanding amount because builders have to pay GST on the whole project. So, in the end, the builder charges the GST price to the buyer.
  • If you are staying in a rented house, then buying a Ready to Move flat is always a better option as immediate savings on rent can start. Paying rent does not make an asset, whereas paying a home loan EMI builds an asset. So, investing money only in owning a property is better rather than using it as an additional expenditure.
  • The difference between buying a Ready to move flat and an under-construction flat is exactly like the difference between buying a sample flat and buying the actual flat you are going to buy or stay in. Sample flat will describe to you what would be the inner look of your flat whereas, in the case of Ready to Move flat, you can check the final product and ensure that it looks the way you desire for. Hence, Fancy sketches on brochures and 3D views of the house can’t make you fool.
  • As mentioned above, one can walk to the Ready to Possess flat to have a look at constructed flat, which leads to checking of constructed quality of the flat. Construction quality is one of the major concerns for any buyer and can be the biggest dissatisfaction if the quality is not up to the mark. No matter how many checkpoints one can follow while booking an under-construction property, there is still a scope of bad quality issues. Ready to Move flat has the advantage that a buyer can not only check the quality of building materials by himself but can also confirm with neighbours. There is no scope of getting cheated in the name of safest water pipes or sanitary ware. Also, one can check the quality of paint used on the walls.
  • Discount rate and attractive offers on Ready to Move flat is also one the benefits for buyers. Currently, Wisteria is offering several discount schemes on Ready to Move Flats.
  • Buying a home gives a sense of belonging. So, if you are paying an EMI but you are not owning a home that is still not fully built, then it can’t give you a sense of belonging to your own property. In fact delay in possession can give you a sense of insecurity because at times delay goes beyond the timeline. In such cases, it also affects the financial planning of middle-class families. So, being free from the hassle of late possession is a great advantage if you buy Ready to Move home.
  • Ready Move flat is such an asset which can be sold easily if a financial crisis arises, whereas the resale of under-construction property is a bit tougher.
  • Being a social animals, neighbours matter to us. In a big city like Pune where people stay away from their families often look for like-minded neighbours or friendlier neighbours. Undoubtedly Ready to Move flat is an opportunity to know who is living next to your door.

Hence, while buying Ready to Move home, one can ensure that he is buying exactly what he is paying for. We know more about Ready to Move flats or to buy flats at affordable prices, contact us.